Socially Responsible & Faith Based Investing

Positive and Negative Screening

"We want it now – and if it makes money now it's a good idea. But if the things we're doing are going to mess up the future, it wasn't a good idea. Don't deal on the moment. Take the long-term look at things. It's important that we do the right thing by the soil and the climate. History is of value only if you learn from it.”

-Wayne Lewis, Dust Bowl Survivor.

Socially Responsible Investing

As illustrated in the quote above, Estabrook believes that corporate responsibility and societal stewardship are important elements of corporate culture. Using our core investment philosophy and process as a foundation, we integrate additional levels of emphasis and analysis around companies’ environmental, social and corporate governance priorities and performance. This allows for a portfolio construction process that can simultaneously match individual client’s values and help them achieve their broader investment objectives.

Faith Based Investing

Estabrook has long enjoyed partnering with a variety of faith based organizations, helping them achieve their investment objectives in a manner consistent with their ideology. As of December 29, 2017 Estabrook manages over $10 million for clients with faith-based guidelines, including individuals and institutions such as Dioceses, Churches, Trusts, Retirement Funds, Foundations and Endowments.

We are experienced with constructing portfolios within the guidelines set out by The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and other religious standards. Our experience suggests that these types of investment guidelines ought not to diminish an organization's ability to achieve competitive returns over time.



Customized Portfolios

Your investment strategy should be as unique as you - which is why we combine your specific needs with sound professional advice to design a customized investment solution.

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Consistent Style and Strategies 

Consistency and discipline drive our clearly defined investment process. As either part of a greater asset allocation or a complete solution, you can count on Estabrook.

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Financial Advisors

Experienced Partner
to Financial Advisors

With a long history of managing Financial Advisors’ client accounts, we work with many sponsors and willingly explore new sponsor program relationships.

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Socially Responsible & Faith Based Investing

We Understand Your Unique Needs

We have a long history of creating customized portfolios for faith based and socially conscious investors that adhere to their beliefs and larger missions. 

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